The scheme „I choose Croatia“ – Return to the Republic of Croatia has been extended for the users from 7 seven overseas countries with Croatian Diaspora (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, New Zealand and the USA)

Starting from January 2023 the active employment scheme: I Choose Croatia – workforce mobility has been extended to 7 new countries thus increasing and expanding the target group of this scheme to Croatian citizens - returnees from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

The aim of I choose Croatia scheme is to strengthen the business activities and increase their range in most parts of the Republic of Croatia, focusing on underdeveloped areas and especially depopulated rural areas of Slavonia, Dalmatinska Zagora, Banovina, Kordun, Lika, Gorski Kotar and the islands, and at the same time to encourage the return of active workforce from European countries and as of 1 January 2023 from seven overseas countries where members of Croatian Diaspora live.

The returnees who gained relevant work experience in numerous countries worldwide represent the added value for the Croatian economy. In addition to providing opportunities for returnees to establish   new business entities, this aid has direct demographic effects as it will encourage the return of Croatian immigrants and their descendants to the Republic of Croatia. It will help in achieving a strategic goal of the Republic of Croatia and that is demographic revival and a better social status of the family.

The link from the official webpage of the Croatian Employment Service is provided below for all necessary information about the aid as well as a short brochure in three languages (CRO, ENG, ESP).  More information about the measure: Biram Hrvatsku – mobilnost radne snage – Mjere