Projects for Expatriates

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Main goal of this program is realization of Croatian cultural bonds, connecting associations and cultural institutions from Croatia with associations and institutions abroad, cultural and heritage exchange among Croats abroad and Croats in Croatia. 

With this program State Office for Croats abroad encourages various aspects of associations of Croats abroad (associations, institutions, cultural centers, Croatian catholic missions etc.) and gives them support in obtaining Croatian identity, promoting Croatian language, culture, tradition, developing cultural, educational, scientific, sports and other aspects of cooperation.

Significant meaning of this program is that for the first time, since Croatian Independence, projects for Croats in Diaspora have been financed.

 Associations and communities may obtain financial support through public tenders; priority is given to projects directed towards social and cultural activities.  As well as towards cultural and artistic amateur activities with the aim of exchange of Croatian cultural creation and heritage, publishing activities of magazines, journals and other periodical papers on Croatian language.