Croatian diaspora in Venezuela

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Number of Croats and their immigration
There is around 5000 Croats in Venezuela. Most of Croats settled in the area of West Venezuela in Caracas, Zulia ( Maracaibo), Merida ( Merida), Mid Venezuela ( highest number of Croats and their descendents), Carabobo ( Valenzia), Aragua ( Maracay), Miranda ( East Caracas)  Metropola ( West Caracas) East Venezuela, Anzoategua ( Barcelona / Pto La Cruz), Bolivar ( Ciudad Bolivar/ Pto. Ordaz), Monagas (Maturin) and Nueva Esparta (Island Margarita).
Status of Croats in Venezuela
Croats and their descendants in Venezuela have Venezuelan citizenship. Around 350 people have dual citizenship as Venezuela acknowledge it.

Croatian associations and Catholic mission
There are five Croatian organizations in Venezuela. Three of them are non profitable societies which are the members of Croatian World Congress (HSK). Croatian Committee for Venezuela is established in 1958, Croatia- Venezuela Center ( Centro Croata – Venezoalno) established in 1949. and Croatian Women Society  established in 1968.
There are also  Venezuela- Croatia Economic Chamber (Camara Venezolano – Croata de Industria y Comercio – Cavecro) established in 1997.  And Croatian Home ( Hrvatski dom d. d. Hogar Croata C. A.),  established ini 1962.
There are no Croatian Catholic missions in Venezuela.

Publishing and Media
Since 1950 Croats and their descendents have published 118 books and pamphlets. Part of the books is presented on Books Fair in Zagreb, 29 books written by father Augstin Augustinović have religious character and they are written in Spanish.