Croatian Diaspora in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Number of Croats in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Around 5 000 Croats and their descendants live in London. Croatian community in London started to form itself after the Second World War; most of these people were war refugees, later on political emigrants headed to UK as well.

Status of Croats 
of Croats in Great Britain There are no specific regulations of immigrants’ rights and obligations, as such foreign citizens enjoy equal treatment as UK citizens. There are certain laws which regulate immigration, citizenship, temporary residence, permanent residence and asylum affaires. 
British citizenship may be granted after five years of permanent residence in UK or after three years of marriage with British citizen.  In each case, knowledge of English, Welsh or Scottish – Gallic language is required. 
It is important to notice that Croatia and Great Britain have mutual agreement on social security.

Croatian associations and Catholic missions
In Great Britain most of Croatian societies have cultural aspect, such as: Britansko-hrvatsko društvo (, AMAC-UK (Udruga bivših studenata hrvatskih sveučilišta), MATRIX CROATIACA UK, CSYPN (Croatian students and young professional network,
There is one Catholic mission active in London.

Croatian classes and Lectorate for Croatian language 
Croatian classes are financed by Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. Classes are held at the Croatian Embassy in London.
At the University of London, School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, Croatian language is taught. Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport finances Lectorate of Croatian language within the University. A lector has the right to hold Croatian tutorials.