Croatian diaspora in the South African Republic

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Despite scientific research, the number of Croats who are living in the South African Republic can not be reliably determined. Based on estimates of Embassy in Pretoria, the Croatian Catholic Mission and the evaluation of the Croatian community in South African Republic, there are between 1,500 and 2,000 Croats, who speak Croatian and who are aware of the national and declare themselves Croats. Likewise, in South African Republic lives a few thousand people who have Croatian origin (second, third, and fourth generation already), but because of the deep integration, they lost of connection with the Croatian, do not speak Croatian. 
About 8000 Croatian emigrants and their descendants, now lives in South African Republic
Compared with the number of Croats in other countries of emigration, this community is small in number and strength (not extremely wealthy businessmen).
Today, the number of Croats in South African Republic decreases, despite dozens of Croats who immigrated to this country in the early 1990s.
The largest number of Croatian emigrants and their descendants now live in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Some of them are in Cape Town and Durban, in Vanderbijlpark, Pinetown, Stellenbosch, Pietermaritzburg, Westvilleu, Roodeportu, Brakvanu and some smaller settlements.

Status of Croats in South Africa

Most Croats have South African citizenship or permanent residence in South Africa, with the same rights and obligations as local South African population. Republic of South Africa allows dual citizenship.

Croatian Association and the Catholic Mission

In Johannesburg works a Croatian Catholic Mission. They organized different events and brings together the largest number of Croats (Sunday Mass, spiritual holidays, action Caritas).

Publishing and Media

There is no radio or TV station that aired a program on Croatian language in South African Republic. Also, there are no newspaper on Croatian language, except the “Župne vijesti” , public by Croatian Catholic Mission in Johannesburg, appearing periodically.