Croatian diaspora in Sweden

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Number of Croats in Kingdom of Sweden

Around 35.000 Croats and their descendants live in Kingdom of Sweden. Traditionally, they settle in southern part of Sweden, especially cities of Goteborg and Malmo. 
Immigration of Croats to Sweden started in late fifties and early sixties of the 20th century and it was mainly due to economy reasons, partly political. 
More significant immigration started 1960-1970, reasons were partly economy but many came due to political issues, namely from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many Croats who came to Sweden during nineties came as refugees, especially from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Status of Croats in Sweden
There are no specific regulations of immigrants’ rights and obligations, as such foreign citizens enjoy equal treatment as Swedish citizens. There are certain laws which regulate immigration, citizenship, temporary residence, permanent residence and asylum affaires. 
Swedish citizenship may be granted based on naturalization if a person has permanent residence and resides in Sweden five years or more. If person is a refugee, four years of residency are required. 
Swedish law acknowledges dual citizenship and it is important to notice that Croatia and Sweden have mutual agreement on social security.

Croatian associations and catholic missions
Head Croatian association in Sweden is the Alliance of Croatian Societies founded in 1978 (
Almost every city in Sweden has an active Croatian society. Catholic mission is a significant factor of Croatian identity and awareness. Missions are established in Stockholm, Jonkoping, Göteborg   and Malmö. 
Croatian classes and Lectorate for Croatian language
Croatian classes in Sweden are integrated which means they are financed by local authorities, not the Croatian Ministry. In the group for Slavic languages which is a part of Department for modern Language University in Upsalla, Croatian is taught among other Slavic languages: Bosnian and Serbian.

Publishing and media
Association of Croatian societies in Sweden publishes papers “Hrvatski Glasnik”