Croatian diaspora in Italy

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Number of Croats in Italy and their immigration

With Croats from Molise who came to Italy in 16.  Century, today in Italy lives around 60 000 Croats and their descendents. 
Large number of Croats lives in the area of Friuli Venetia- Giulia and Veneto, Lombardia and Marche. 
During Austro – Hungarian Monarchy many Croats came to Trieste where they lived as sailors and in the field of maritime business.  Most of these Croats came from Dalmatia, Istria  and other seaside areas. 
After Second World War, due to the political reasons, immigration waves increased significantly. Part of immigrants carried on from Italy to their final destination in Australia, France, Austria and Belgium.
Today, it is very important to outline gathering of St Jeronim church in Rome, which is a part of Croatian spirit in Italy. There is a dormitory for Croatian students and hostel for Croatian pilgrims.

Status of Croats in Italy
For the last 15 years many activities have been undertaken in order for Croat immigrants to become linguistic minority which is predicted by  “Norms of protection of the historical linguistic minorities. “
Italian citizenship may be granted after minimum ten years of permanent residency. Italy acknowledges dual citizenship. 
It is important to know that Croatia and Italy have mutual agreement of Social security.

Croatian associations and Catholic missions

Hrvatsko-talijanska udruga in Rome , Hrvatska zajednica inMilanuo Zajednica Hrvata u Trieste, Hrvatsko-talijanska udruga in Udine, Hrvatska zajednica u Moliseu  and Zaklada Agostina Piccoli in  Molise merged together in  2001. In „Savez hrvatskih zajednica Italije“which cares and preserves national identity and possibilities of bilateral treatment t of Croatian minority in Italy and Italian minority in Croatia all according to EU standars.

Papinski hrvatski zavod Sv. Jeronima, and  Dom hrvatskih hodočasnika (Domus Croata) Dr. Ivan Merz in Rome have a special place in strengthening Croatian bonds . There are no catholic missions in Italy but  Papinski hrvatski zavod Sv. Jeronima and Croatian priests and students  gathers all Croats.
There is certain initiative for establishing Croatian community in Padova which would act as founder of first Catholic mission which would be placed in Padova.

Croatian classes and Lectorate for Croatian language 
Croatian classes in Rome, Trieste and Molise are under authority of Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.  Within the University there is several lecotrates of Croatian language.

Under authority of Ministry:

  • Universita degli studi di Padova, Padova
  • Universita degli studi di Firenza, Firenza
  • Universita "La Sapienza", Rome


  • Universita degli studi di Bari, Bari
  • Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Napoli
  • Universita "G. D'Annunzio" Chieti, Pescara
  • Institut for interpreters and translators, Trieste
  • Universita di Udine, UdineUniversita di Venezia, Venice

Publishing and Media:
Savez Hrvatskih zajednica u Italiji publishes magazine „INSIEME“ („Zajedno“), magazines is published three times a year and it elaborates topics from all aspects of interest for Croats