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The Welcome Office of the Central State Office for Croats Abroad provides advice/information to repatriates from the Croatian diaspora and descendants of Croatian emigrants who are immigrating to the Republic of Croatia for the first time in the form of useful and practical information on the procedures of competent state administration bodies.
Our mission is to clarify and explain the administrative procedures you will have to follow once you arrive to the Republic of Croatia in order to make your repatriation and integration into the society as a whole faster, simpler and more successful. The advice we provide has to do with your actual needs.
We ensure that all Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia have access to information about key topics, as well as support in integration, which is also provided by the Welcome Office.
We provide information and guidelines to repatriates from the Croatian diaspora and their descendants and family members in the course of their integration into the social and economic life of the Republic of Croatia regarding genuine individual issues such as regulating temporary stay, registering for temporary stay/permanent residence, acquiring Croatian citizenship, obtaining Croatian personal documents, entering information in public registers, registering with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Croatian Employment Service, and enrolling children in kindergartens and schools; i.e. continuing education in the Republic of Croatia, etc.
Furthermore, the Welcome Office provides a mentor support to repatriate families with children, beneficiaries of the programmes and projects of the Central State Office for Croats Abroad and in individual cases, when we together determine that this is necessary.     
We will respond to your enquiry within one week.
Based on your personal information and documentation that you provide during a personal interview in the Welcome Office in Zagreb or via ured-dobrodoslice@hrvatiizvanrh.hr, we will help you determine what are the procedures that you have to follow, as well as the manner of and timeframe for completing them. Since we primarily provide advisory support, it is beyond our jurisdiction to provide legal advice, detailed interpretations of legislation beyond our jurisdiction and legal representation in the procedures you have personally initiated before the competent bodies, as well as in other administrative procedures.
To make sure that there is enough time for us to have a good quality conversation about your needs and interests, we recommend that you contact us directly to schedule an interview before your repatriation.
Contact information:
Central State Office for Croats Abroad
Welcome Office
Palmotićeva ulica 24
10000 Zagreb
E-mail: ured-dobrodoslice@hrvatiizvanrh.hr
Tel.: (+385 1) 6444-661